Muscle Augmentation

Legality Rating: 4P-BC/D
Availability: 6/6 days
Street Index: 0.9

The process of muscle replacement has been slowly evolving toward the procedure now known as muscle augmentation. With the development and improvement of biosurgical techniques, the actual removal and replacement of the natural muscle becomes obsolete and unnecessary. Using a biological weaving treatment, an air-injected fluorinated polymer (TeAon™) known as Gortex™ is braided into existing muscle fibers. Gortex, which is chemically inert, is more than four times as strong as natural muscles and ligaments, and, when braided into cables and incorporated into existing tissues, it can increase muscular system performance enormously. Muscles may be enhanced in this fashion to a maximum Level 4 augmentation.

Quickness acquired through muscle augmentation can increase the calculated Reaction Rating.

Bonuses accrued through muscle augmentation do not affect rigging or decking except as they help the character lift bigger engines or carry heavier decks.

Attribute Bonus Body Cost Price
+1 Quickness & +1 Strength/level 0.8/level 45,000¥/level
>>>>>[I know I can still get muscle replacement, but this stuff is so much more wiz.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Not to mention infinitely more Essence-friendly]<<<<<
>>>>>[And infinitely more likely to generate body overstress. And it’s much more expensive. Don’t forget that.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Money’s only money. Gadgets are another thing altogether.]<<<<<

Muscle Augmentation

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