Enhanced Articulation

Legality Rating: Legal
Availability: 5/6 days
Street Index: 1.5

Enhanced articulation is a combination of a number of extensive procedures, including joint-surface coating, relubrication, and tendon/ligament augmentation; these procedures result in a muscle and joint system of extreme fluidity. Enhanced articulation allows a character to execute motion-intensive skills (Active Skills) in a more precise and speedierfashion. Possessors ofenhanced articulation roll an additional die when making any Success Test involving an Active Skill. (An individual with Athletics 4 and enhanced articulation, for example, rolls 5 dice when making an Athletics Success Test.) Enhanced articulation also adds a + 1 to the Reaction Attribute. Studies show that individuals with enhanced articulation may be immune to many arthritic conditions as a long-term side effect of augmentation.

The Reaction bonus given by the augmentation has no effect on rigging or pure cybernetic decking.

Attribute Bonus Body Cost Price
+1 Reaction 0.6 40,000¥
>>>>>[A friend of mine just had this procedure done. Let me tell you, the way she can move now is nothing short of phenomenal.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Awesome is more like it. I’ve never seen such fluidity in action, at least not in anything human. Makes me want to get out and get it done myself.]<<<<<
—Neon Samurai
>>>>>[Are you guys talking about that dancer over at Brigand’s again?]<<<<<
—Ludwig the Mad
>>>>>[Not even close. And you better hope Evangeline never hears you made the comparison.]<<<<<

Enhanced Articulation

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